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Leaving Sunny Florida

We were in sunny Florida last weekend and had a great time with some new students and our repeat offenders, too.

The weather was a lot better than in most parts of the country and we had some folks come in from the North to get out of the cold. It was a great time at OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee. They have two courses, a cowboy action town, and a rifle range –  a lot to offer. Great people that run it and a great restaurant for our lunches.

Do Your Drills!

I hate to keep harping on the fact that students don’t do their gun mounts often enough and then wonder why they don’t have a consistent mount. C’mon folks. We tell you to do the flashlight drill and three-bullet drill before you come to the clinic and it will make your learning curve go faster. You won’t be thinking about the gun mount and be so aware of the gun.

These two drills are on the Knowledge Vault and we think they’re so important that we have done DVDs on them as well as many video tips to show you how to do them.

When we were competing, we did the flashlight drill every night. And before we go to Argentina with a lighter 20-gauge gun, I will do it again. The flashlight drill is one of those things that you will do as long as you shoot your shotgun.

The Joy of Watching Students Improve

We had a great three days of learning and discussions in the morning before we went out to shoot. Students had great questions and there was a lot of interaction between students, which further enhances the learning.

It was fun to watch how each student in their own time improved. By the time they left, they had big smiles on their faces and you could see how excited they were to go shoot again as soon as they could.

By playing the kill shot review over and over, the lightbulbs go on and the learning is easier. Students are always amazed that each time they see us we have something new to give them. Several students also said they would see us again this year as they have found out that they usually need a tune-up more than once a year. I hate to hear that…ha…Cash flow, baby.

On to another adventure, like getting home when all the flights from New York and the rest of the north have been canceled. But going just west maybe we will make it home. Have a great week.