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Return to Sunny Florida

Another great week in sunny Florida. I feel like I just left… Oh, wait. We did just leave 10 days ago.

The event we did was a little different from just clinics at Gulf Coast Clays. We called it the View Points seminar where we did the animations until lunch. Then after lunch, we did a few more then went off to the range.

By that time everyone wanted to pull the trigger and then they realized how much they had learned by watching the animations. Then they could implement what they learned.

The next day, we started with the animations then went off to the range earlier. This was a different group than the day before, and they really saw a difference in their shooting. They were giddy about their improvement.

On Saturday, we did our usual clinics, and once again gun fit was a big issue. It’s a good thing we carry extensions with us. We’re so glad that everyone brings their tools for the adjustable combs so we can fix their gun fit. It brings up the idea that we need to do a video on how to fit a gun to your body. We always have something in the wings to do when we have a little time.

Off to another adventure later this week. More later.