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Welcome Aboard to Brian

Welcome, Brian!

Our son Brian will begin his tenure with us next Monday. He’ll be in Florida with Bill Cline, looking at some ranges in anticipation of helping Bill produce a range owner manual for all state-owned ranges.

He will then be in Houston to teach at our field and to come to the Advance Classes, set a few targets, and talk about what he’s learned as a target setter.

To say we’re excited about his arrival would be an understatement.

He will be helping us with the DNR project as well as doing videos for the Knowledge Vault, answering forum questions, and helping us expand the opportunities for you all.

Updates in the World of OSP

One area of interest will be analyzing the video you send to us for Coaches Eye editing. So get that stuff to us.

We’re looking forward to the app being completed and the new launch of the better, newer, faster site.

We will also be completing a new book that will be on the KV only until next year. It will have embedded videos to better illustrate the points for you.

Our Advance Schools begin this week and will go through March 22nd. We are almost full. If we’re not, there will be a cancelation at the last minute. We’re really excited about some of the things we’ve learned this year. And we’ll be sharing them with all of you as we go through the Advance School and the year.

We will be in Mississippi in April doing another DNR training and then off to Florida for private coaching. Then we’ll be around the country.

There are still some spots on our dove/pigeon hunt in July/August if you are interested. It will be great, especially since Argentina has waived the permiso from the Consulate to bring your guns in. If you want to go, just contact Marlene and she will pass it on to John Wiles.

Combatting Misinformation

The amount of misinformation out there about shotgun shooting is increasingly obvious. We’re doing our best to help with all of it.

There are so many mounted gun shooters that don’t know how much less they can see with the gun in their faces. Dan Paxon’s girls are kicking you-know-what over in Carolina. When asked what they are doing differently, they all say “Low gun is making the difference!”

So get the gun out of your face and put your nose on the target. See it. Match it. Shoot it. That’s the motto of Dan’s girls.

And Chuck’s gang’s motto is “Insert in the lead, match the speed, pull the trigger.”

Off to the Ranch. More later.