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After Advance School

Lessons from the Advance School

Well, I have been resting for a week after four straight weeks at 74 Ranch.

The Advance Classes were great this year. We got all to shoot targets at 80-100 yards. It’s amazing how when you become more consistent at distance, it makes you so much more comfortable on closer targets.

One of the big “a-has” again this year is how lethal “same speed at the end” really is and how that one thing improves consistency. We continue to be amazed at the anticipation circuit and how, when you give it a chance, it will make the lead perfect every time.

Shooting the really distant targets before the last school, we found out that we actually had to hold over the line to consistently hit targets at 90-100 yards. These were of course off the towers and showing us a lot of belly and with a lot of spring.

We went over the last Coaching Hour and even played it at one of the schools. And man, there is a lot of information there.

Knowledge Vault Updates

Just understanding the “filler” concept has made such a difference in people’s ability to let the shot happen. We will be exploring this more in the April Coaching Hour. We will also be talking about the advanced shooter and what they must learn to become competitive.

I’m going fishing Monday and we’re off to Florida on Wednesday and back to Houston on Saturday. Then it begins.

We’re making a slideshow for the International Hunter Education Conference in May and we will be off to Florida to do the first mass training of 150 plus volunteer coaches for Bill Cline. We have begun work on a series of new animations and slides to become a section of the new site for beginners. And we will be making a section for intermediate and advanced shooters as well.

With great anticipation, we are looking forward to the arrival of our new HD ShotKams.