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Grandma Vicki in Oregon

While Mom and Dad went on a well-deserved vacation, Grandma Vicki took the reins over one of our granddaughters – a very active 6-year-old, Avery.

Our daughter Andrea and her husband Tim live in Oregon. And after four weeks of teaching (a weekend clinic and three Advance Classes) Gil and I got home on Sunday at 3 pm. I had just enough time to wash clothes, repack, and go to the hotel by the airport, since my flight was leaving in the morning.

On Monday after picking Avery up from her other grandma and grandpa’s house, we made it to Creswell, Oregon to set up the week. We planned the whole week and wrote it down on paper.

Of course, that was after we stopped for sushi! Who knew she would love sushi so much? This would not be the last time we went to eat it.

Avery is in Kindergarten, but it was spring break so she only needed to go for half a day. On Tuesday, I picked her up at 1 pm then we went off to “Get Air,” an indoor trampoline park. It seemed like every kid in Eugene was there, but it didn’t matter. All the kids were very careful to jump around each other. Avery wanted me to jump too, but I declined. At 63, I’m not sure my body would like to go up and down that many times. Knowing what the next day would bring (hurting in places I had forgotten about), I declined. She would fly all around this big gym going from trampoline to trampoline and had a ball.

After a few hours, we got home for ice cream. Then dinner of mac n’ cheese for her, and a salad for me.

On Wednesday she had school, then we went off to the indoor swimming pool where (fortunately) we were the only ones there for the first hour. Then folks started coming in a little at a time. Some of them were Avery’s classmates, so they had fun swimming together until it was time to leave.

On Thursday, I picked her up before lunch so we could go to the skating rink in Eugene. The man at the door asked if I was going to skate and of course, I said “Yes, it’s only been 25 years since I had on a pair of skates. This should be easy.”

Just like riding a bike, right? Not!

Avery put on her skates and I put on mine and off we went slowly. I found that as long as I was on the carpet, it was good. I got pretty good there, but the slippery rink was a different story. Avery went around the rink close to the sides, so I thought I would do the same. But after nearly taking out two little kids, I choose to stay on the carpet.

When we arrived, a lady about my age came screaming off the rink and immediately fell. I certainly didn’t want that to happen to me. And I knew the next day would not be pretty.

On Friday, I kept Avery home from school and her friend Izzy came over to play until we went to see a movie – “Home.” It was a cute show that was perfect for two six-year-olds.

We got back to Creswell and they played until 6 pm. After a day with her friend that started at 9 am, we had an early dinner and Avery wanted to go to bed at 7:45. So we both went to bed early because tomorrow was another day, where we had planned a trip to the coast, about an hour away.

At 8 am on Saturday, guess who was very slow to rise? She certainly didn’t want to ride for an hour to the coast so, I went off to run some errands.

Aunt Sherry arrived at 3 pm as she had kid duties until Tuesday. We went out to eat sushi, rent a movie, and then came back to the house. I left them at 9:45 to finish watching the movie.

I got up on Sunday morning to pack, wash sheets, etc. and head to the airport hotel in Portland for my flight on Monday.

It was a great week! I can’t wait to do it again in a few months. Like every vacation, it’s nice to get home to my best friend and partner.