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The Subconscious Anticipation Circuit

A Lesson From the Moving Sidewalk

We’re in the airport today leaving for Fort Myers, Florida. After we got through security and walked to the moving sidewalks, we were chatting away. And as we took the first step onto the moving sidewalk, I almost fell forward!

My weight automatically shifted 25 percent forward at the exact moment my foot touched the sidewalk… but it was not loving! It’s so hard to tell if those things are moving that I didn’t even notice it.

My first thought was “Where did that come from?” Then I realized it was my anticipation circuit getting ready for the acceleration of my body on the moving sidewalk that was not moving. I didn’t even give what my body did the slightest thought.

This subconscious anticipation circuit is really amazing. And being able to tap into it and show others how to tap into it is even more amazing.

After laughing at myself and the whole situation, I mused at how incredible the anticipation circuit in the brain really is. Our balance mechanism can react so quickly to the slightest of movement, and our internal gyro can do miraculous things in half a split second.

Maintaining Balance

We know when we shoot a moving target we make a choice to either train it and trust it or continue to second-guess it and check the lead.

This situation echoes something I said at all the Advance Classes while shooting high tower shots over your head: “Balance is critical on these shots. Having your hands and feet together is critical to maintaining balance.”

You really don’t have a choice; your brain will always opt out of standing up and missing the target, even if you would hit the target and fall down!

Maintaining balance will always win out over hitting the target. So if you want to hit it, position yourself to maintain balance throughout the shot.

We’re off to Florida to coach Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We will be in touch soon.


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