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Brian: The New Addition to OSP

Welcome, Brian!

We had a few days last weekend when we had time to go shoot with our new employee: our son Brian who has joined us at OSP.

We are so excited that he has chosen to come to help us teach and help others get better. He has so much experience in competitive shooting. He shot with us from when he was 11 years old until he decided that all his friends were 40 and he wanted to fish.

So off he and Gil went and bought a boat to fish (and of course hunt) for several years. At 18, he came back to shooting, and within three tournaments, he regained his master class classification. Kids!

He began working for American Shooting Centers at 16 and has been working there for 19 years, working from puller to target setter to being clays manager for sporting clays, skeet, and trap for the last eight years.

Many of you have experienced some of his target-setting abilities at shoots at American, NSCA National Tournaments, and the US Opens. Sometimes in a nice manner and sometimes in a not-so-nice thought process.

Secrets of the Target Setter

He will be a welcome addition to what OSP has to offer our students. What is the target setter trying to make you do with the targets? How is he/she is trying to fool you?

In the next book that is to come, we interviewed three of the top target setters in the country. They were very open to letting everyone know what they were trying to do to the shooter. A quick tease of what is coming.

So when you see Brian, say hello and welcome him to our far-reaching family of students. And maybe we will now have a little more time to actually practice our shooting (which we did last weekend) and remember how much fun this game is.