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Headed to Argentina with Us? Practice Your Gun Mount!

Practice Your Gun Mount!

We are going on another great trip to Argentina on May 28th.

The topic of practicing your gun mounts before we go has come up. We’ve talked to many who are going with us and have tried to tell all who go to start picking up their gun and doing their gun mounts starting now before we go.

We always want our students who go to have a great time and learn how to have more success in their shooting. But if on the first hunt you have a bad gun mount and get bruised, you will not have fun. This is an expensive trip, so why not prepare for it?

After all these years of shooting, we still do our gun mounts before we go. We take our 20-gauge guns with us, which weigh less than our 12-gauge guns. We do the gun mounts to slow our move down so that we don’t have a poor mount. It only takes one to make it a miserable trip.

Practice Lifting Your Front Hand

The other thing we do each day is to lift our left hand (front hand on the gun) up and down. “Why,” you ask? Because we found on our first trip that our front hand (which I never use except to guide the gun) got so tired after the first day moving the gun up and down that the aches prevented me from sleeping.

So don’t be surprised if you see me at my desk or in my car lifting my left arm up and down 100 times, three times a day. I want to have a great time and not be hurt.

This goes back to my original thoughts: men and women both – do your gun mounts every day! Your trip will be so much more fun. That’s why we all go to Argentina – to have fun. And of course, eat great food and drink great wine.

Did I say “do your gun mounts?” There will be no sympathy from me if you don’t. And we’ll know after the first hunt.