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Lessons Learned in Argentina (Part Two)

I’ve been shooting the ShotKam and struggled the first day with the weight. I had to rest every 10 or so shots at the dove lodge.

I forced myself to keep shooting the Shotkam at the pigeon lodge and really struggled with “looking at the lead.” It was a real struggle, but it seemed to work itself out. My left arm and shoulder got better. I was less fatigued and I began to shoot the ShotKam incredibly well.

I must admit that I struggled at the golf course shoot, but that was because the pigeons were so close. I shot on the alfalfa field in the morning without the ShotKam and killed 75 pigeons with 85 shots out to 50 yards.

That afternoon I shot in the same place, and with the ShotKam, I killed 75 with 90 shots. And I got some incredible footage. It’s absolutely some of the best footage I have ever shot.

I feel like I have had a breakthrough in my ability to focus on the bird and shoot the movie at the same time.

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