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Lessons Learned in Argentina (Part Three)

Last Pigeon Shoot

No ShotKam this time. I’m just shooting.

There’s an uncanny ability to see the bird and less and less of the barrel. It’s as if you must be aware of it when programming the pictures. Then when you’re performing, you know without looking where it is. The brain just killed the birds.

If there’s a slow pigeon with varying speed, insert just under and pull away slightly. Hammer time.

Pigeon Speed is Lead

A fast bird, regardless of distance, has lots of lead. A slow bird, regardless of distance, has little lead.

When you can be sure you are going to kill the bird, your consistency improves dramatically. It’s as if most shooters are hoping to hit the bird and they shoot too quickly and miss. Or they end up thinking about it and miss.

When I made up my mind to know the bird was dead, incredible things happen. Everything slowed down and the picture became more clear. The barrel was there but I had a 98/2 focus ratio.

When I shot without the ShotKam I tried different things like swing-through, pull away, and stable picture. If you can accept the barrel in the picture then the most important part of success is VERY slow movement! 

Making the time to make the right move allows you to control your movement. In turn, this allows for slower movement! It was like it didn’t matter where the gun came from. It was going to end up where it needed to be. The zone.

As Scott Robertson said, he was going to know the bird was going to break before he pulled the trigger!