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Argentina Dove Hunting 2015

We left Houston at 10:30 in a big rainstorm. Houston had so much rain on Monday night that it flooded the town. And we were getting it again.

Getting to Argentina

Off to Panama to catch our flight to Córdoba to bird hunt for 14 days. We have two groups coming this year to shoot doves and pigeons.

Everyone made it to Houston except for two people who couldn’t get into Houston due to the weather. So off we went without them. They will have to catch up.

We’ve told everyone to come in the night before to avoid any issues, but that doesn’t always work out. I’m glad we left on time because we only had an hour and a half to get to the next long leg of our journey.

It’s a six and a half hour flight from Panama to Córdoba. Usually, we sleep on this leg but we are getting in earlier so will just stay awake and sleep when we get to the lodge.

I think the rough weather followed us here. It’s a bit bumpy and the seatbelt sign hasn’t gone off.

First Day at the Lodge

We’re having so much fun on the first day. Those that didn’t bring their own guns had to try four or five different ones to find one they could shoot. Once that was done, the hunt was on.

If you haven’t been here, you can’t imagine the number of birds there are in Argentina. Millions. They have five hatches each year, and the farmers lose 30 percent of their crops to the birds. We taught in the field since you can get a lifetime of shooting in three days.

One thing that always comes up is that most people don’t practice their gun mount before they come. They have to concentrate on that and lose sight of the bird. So we suggest that you do your flashlight drill for at least four weeks before you come.

The other practice is to lift your front hand each day at least 100 times. The first year we came, my left hand was so tired from lifting that gun that I couldn’t even sleep so now before we come I lift my left arm up and down 100 times several times a day to get it ready to shoot many times each day.

Lessons Learned in the Field

What was learned? How you could start with the gun way in front. Then as the bird gets close, cut him off and harvest the bird. It’s so much easier than trying to catch up from behind. It’s like you are waiting for it to come to you and gives you a more relaxed feeling. You aren’t in panic mode.

Another important lesson was to keep your eyes still when trying to see the birds. If your eyes are moving all over the place, you can’t pick up the bird until it is right upon you. Looking out and trying to catch the birds early is better and. Engage the shot early when you see the bird so that it doesn’t catch up to you.

And see the bird’s head. If you’re looking at the whole bird, your eyes go to the back. And guess where your gun will go? Behind!

The Isis recoil system is perfect for high-volume shooting. I never had a shoulder issue or bad gun mount.

Lots of whooping and laughing, and a great three days. Now we’re off to the pigeon lodge for four more great days of shooting.