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The Pigeon Lodge

Argentina Pigeon Lodge

How much fun we had and how many lessons learned. And of course, the food and service were fabulous. The pigeon lodge was built in 1622 and has so much history. The manager Christen takes care of it to make everyone appreciates the history.

On to the field and the hunt for the pigeons. The pigeons in Argentina are larger than what we have in the States. And they fly in more of a straight line.

We shot with two people to a blind, and Miss Katie and I took on the birds. This was her first pigeon hunt so it was fun to watch her progress on shooting.

Day Two

Another fabulous day to hunt at the pigeon lodge. It’s a little cool in the mornings, since it’s their fall. We drive for an hour to a beautiful private estancia that had a golf course, pool, and lake. Perfect for shooting.

My bird boy (who I also had last year) had a great place. I started with tight chokes and went to more open chokes as the birds were coming into the decoys perfectly. I had to really slow down my move to focus on them. And when I did, they went down. A lot of the pigeons came in really low and right to the decoys. It was amazing to watch.

We had lunch in the field then back to the blind for more fun.

About halfway through the afternoon, Mr. Bill came to my blind. He wasn’t getting a lot of shots, and we were able to help each other. What I learned was to really slow down my move and engage with the bird earlier so there’s very little movement at the end.

Day Three

Our place in the morning was not so busy. When everyone else had their limit, we were moved to get more shots. We got that done, had lunch, and then went back to a different place.

The birds were coming from every direction and I was shooting very well – taking shots a little further out and slowing them down by getting in sync with them. Great afternoon!

Day Four

Several folks had their limit of 75 birds. I had not shot a box of shells yet, so we moved to where Gil was since he had his limit.

The lesson for the day was if they were going fast, insert more in front. And when they were going slow, come in just under then ease away from the head and take the shot. Very lethal.

In 45 minutes I had shot 69 birds in 75 shots and I was done – in several ways.