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Stable Picture

I had a lesson with a multi-approach shooter who was so mixed up that he didn’t even know how to describe his shooting.

Swing-through, pull away, and sustained lead all at once in the same target…and at the same time, trying to not see the barrel. And he wondered why he was so inconsistent all his life.

I continue to be amazed at the number of people who chase the bird and are conflicted about what they are trying to do.

So I showed him how to stabilize the picture and it was like a light switch. He got smooth and was shocked at how less stressful it was when the brain has a clear picture of why it is you’re asking it to do something.

“This is going to bring a whole new meaning to practice,” he said (after the customary “WOW!”)

“I now have something to practice!”

Two and a half hours later, he left bubbling over about his newfound opportunity for success.