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It seems that the more we coach, the more we are dumbfounded by people’s concept of what they are trying to do. When we examine those concepts and translate them literally, they make absolutely no sense.

When I talk about “gun speed equaling bird speed” the heads always nod up and down in agreement. But when the shell goes in the gun and the shot is fired, I ask “Were you going the same speed as the bird?”

I get a funny look. “Well, I think I was.”
Or, “It felt like I was.”

“What did you see when you pulled the trigger?” I ask.
“The bird.”

“How do you know you are going the same speed?”

There’s a blank look on the shooter’s face. At that point, they have to commit to the fact that they don’t know what it looked like – or is supposed to look like!

This is where the lesson really begins and I really enjoy being me…

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