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Touch Your Gun Every Day

If you are not touching your gun every day, you are not getting better.

The more I shoot, the more I’m amazed at what the anticipation circuit can do, and the less I am focused on anything. The better you get, the more things are chunked together and the easier everything becomes, especially focus on the target.

That level of focus is not something you can train. It’s the quality of your filler that allows that level of focus. And you gotta build your own filler.

You can try to focus as hard as you want, but you ain’t gonna be able to focus as well as me.

That just hit me. The ability to focus is based 100 percent on your filler, and then the quality and amount of it. The more of it you have, the more things are chunked together under one heading. And the less you have to focus on, and the easier focus becomes.

This is getting good. More later.

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