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Training in Cordoba

Well, I am sitting on the back porch of the lodge just east of Cordoba smelling the roses and watching the endless waves of doves fill the sky with the occasional pigeon and indigenous birds mixed in.

We are down here shooting the new Shotkam II HD on doves. We already have 500 great kill shots and we are still shooting, so look for some incredible Kill Shot Reviews coming to the Knowledge Vault soon.

The lodge has purchased quite a few of the new Breda shotguns and they say they are incredible. In fact, yesterday Gabriel the head guide here said the new guns are a result of taking the best of the Beretta and Benelli and putting them together in one gun!

They are light and have absolutely no recoil according to Vicki, who shot one yesterday and was shocked. So what do you think I did with the guns? I put the drop shim that gave the stock the most drop and cast.

And guess what happened to the percentage of the shooters using them? Yep, up at least 18 percent!

We are here to train the bird boys to become better coaches in the field and the training begins today after lunch. We have already put together an outline and will be meeting with the lodge owner and new GM in about an hour to go over the schedule and begin the training.

We met three hunters here when we arrived who (go figure) were looking down the gun and not hitting anything. But after showing them the three-wine cork drill (before we had anything to drink!) they immediately began to understand what it is supposed to look like.

And yes, we include the three-bullet drill in the training.

I am going to do a series of videos while we are training to use whenever they hire a new bird boy. It is going to be interesting to watch the learning curve of the shooters with the bird boy instructions.

More later. We’re back home on Thursday.

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