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Argentina – Wait until You See the Videos…

We are still in Argentina watching it drizzle, and we’re taking a day off.

Yes, I said a day off. It’s hard work to shoot doves four days in a row! I realize there will be no sympathy from any of you, but I just had to say it.

It is amazing how the stable picture works on birds. We just finished a quail hunt and now a dove hunt with the ShotKam II HD, and the movies are incredible. We have 800 dove shots in the can now with a day and a half to hunt. So to say we will have 1,000 is easy now we have 150 quail in the can with three more hunts to go.

I learned several things on this hunt. One thing I learned this morning is to never try to shoot 50, 60-yard birds with a wind blowing 15 mph because by the time the shot gets there the line has changed.

As they flap their wings, every little movement makes the line vary enough so that your misses are always off line. The best time for long shots is on a calm day since the lines are straighter and the bird’s speed is not as great.

K-20s with ISIS pads are the ticket with mod over mod or full over full. Then let ‘er rip. Also, 7s instead of 8s are better and seem to kill cleaner on longer birds.

We are trying to replace all videos with ShotKam II HD video over the next year and as we replace them, three people are shooting the video so we should have many new great shots as Brian and Vicki are getting much better at making the movie with the ShotKam II.

It is tiring when you shoot with the camera on the gun every day, but the video is incredible. I can’t wait to get back to the States so we can put some of it up in KV in different places.

I shot a bird yesterday morning in the top of a flock and it fell and hit another bird in the bottom of the flock and got it on film. It stunned the other bird, but after recovering, it flew away.

The new ShotKam is lighter and charges up faster than the old one. We have discovered that you get about 120-130 shots on one charge before the green light starts to blink indicating a low battery. Then you have about 20-30 more shots before you run out of battery completely.

All in all, it’s a much more user-friendly camera and the video is truly incredible.

Search “Skeet Kill Shot Review” and “Skeet Shoot off Doubles Kill Shot Review” and check the newest HD addition to the KV. If you will look at companion videos and scrub the video, you can actually see the pellets fly through the air and hit the clay. It is amazing.


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