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Great Day

Vicki and I did something Sunday that we don’t often get to do. We went to shoot by ourselves at Greater Houston Gun Club. The weather was unbelievable and we had such a great time.

While shooting, it occurred to me just how much I thought about my gun in everything I did. What I did with the gun was automatic.

This goes back to what we talked about on the Coaching Hour and what the folks at Tarleton University have defined for us. Our basic “threshold concept” is Automaticity. And it occurs to me that would be the basic threshold concept on everything we do.

Read the phrase “apply more focus to the target.” Well, one can’t apply more focus on the target than is available, and the more automatic you are with the gun, the more available focus there is for the target!

Do the gun mounts: three-bullet drill, flashlight drill… Play with that gun every day.

One cannot place any more focus on the target than is available! When your focus is divided there is less focus to go around, which directly affects the amount and quality of the input to the brain. This is the root cause of inconsistency in shooting moving targets!

 “You gotta dance with that gun!”
     – Craig Hill


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