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Nuisance Decisions

I was talking to Marcus Fielder at Greater Houston last Sunday, and nuisance decisions came up when we were talking about chokes.

Our simple approach is “skeet or mod” and that is it. He had looked at the choke video but was not on the Knowledge Vault, so did not have access to all the information we have talked about concerning chokes. I hope he gets into the vault and listens to the Coaching Hour on nuisance decisions. I just read my notes on this subject, and man is it powerful. I will publish them in the next blog.

Nuisance decisions are ones you make about things that really don’t matter – or don’t matter now. The more nuisance decisions you make each day, the more you deteriorate the quality of the important decisions because the brain gets tired while making the non-important decisions.

This is why we never could work a shoot and do well. When you work a shoot, you make a lot of decisions that are not pertinent to your performance. At the end of the day, you are worn out from making so many decisions that don’t matter.

This is why choke changing for so many is confusing. Just simply talking about others’ scores is a nuisance decision because it doesn’t matter.


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