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South Florida

We are in Florida through Sunday night teaching at Sarasota Gun Club on Wednesday and private lessons on Thursday. Then we have clinics at South Florida Shooting Club on Friday through Sunday.

It’s our first time at SFSC and we are excited. We are planning to be back in Florida in January. SFSC January 15-17th, Sarasota Gun Club January 22-24th, and OK Corral the last weekend of January.

We have joined SFSC and are looking forward to shooting the many venues there and coaching at that incredible facility. They have welcomed us and are really going out of their way to help us be a success.

We have been using the new ShotKam II HD, and man, what a tool. It charges quicker and is lighter and outputs in HD. Be looking for new video coming to a page near you in the Knowledge Vault.

If you have not joined the KV, you are really missing out on some amazing learning tools. The Kill Shot Reviews are amazing and they are a tremendous tool to increase your ability to visualize in detail the shot you are about to make. When you see it as a movie, not a snapshot, the brain knows so much more about how to time the movements in the shot. And you instantly become more consistent.

Doubt creates decision fatigue. Having a system of shooting like OSP allows for a consistent approach to all targets, which eliminates a lot of indecision.

Well, duh!

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