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Returning from Florida

On Monday we returned from South Florida Shooting Club where we had a great time. And man, what a club.

Holden has really done something here… 160+ machines on four courses, plus FITASC 5-stands, trap fields and trap and skeet overlays. Groomed like a golf course. I was just in awe of the size and number of presentations.

It’s a private club with a great room in the main clubhouse and unlimited golf cars for members.  It’s really just an incredible place. We taught for three days and had 23 slots filled with just three weeks’ notice.

We are planning to go back there on January 12th to teach more clinics. After that, we’re at Sarasota Gun Club the next week and after that OK Corral through the 31st. Then we’re back to Houston before the Safari Club in Vegas. And then we quail hunt at 74 Ranch and the next week the 4-H rodeo shoot in San Antonio.

Then in the last week of February, we begin our Advance classes.

Advance classes are filling up, so don’t delay. If you want to come, we will be glad to have you. We are beginning to use the ShotKam II HD, and man what video it produces. I have shot 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60-yard crossers and will be putting them up soon.

The Knowledge Vault “test drive” for 14 days is up, so just click on the banner and check it out. What a great Christmas gift for the shotgunner clay shooter or hunter.

1000 + videos up and adding about 100 per week. We currently have over 1500 new HD videos to get up. A lot is coming up, so stay tuned…..


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