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Lots of Opportunities Coming Your Way

Our Carbon TV channel launches on December 22nd, so check it out. We will be doing some unique things in the quick tips section.

It will be expanding on a regular basis as we have many tips planned to shoot this winter for the spring. Some of these will be for Carbon TV and some will be just for the quick tips section of the Knowledge Vault.

Results are in from the Tarleton University trap and skeet team, so as soon as we have those, we will be sharing them on the Vault. Check out the 14-day test drive if you’re not already a member.

I have shot the new Mossberg 930 sporting automatic with the OSP designed stock. and man, what an improvement and at an incredible price point of less than $1000. It’s a dependable semi-auto that anyone in the family can use.

Because of our unique stock design, it is an incredible package for anyone, especially the high school shooting athlete or someone who is just thinking about getting into shotgunning, wing or clay.

It comes with Briley custom screw-in chokes and a stock with a comb that is not only thin enough but adjustable to lower-than-normal field dimensions. And it’s up to trap dimensions as well.

Returning from Florida