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Well, I wasn’t going to say anything about this but I just can’t keep it inside of me…

I am still amazed at the people out there who are looking down the barrel while shooting a moving target with a shotgun and how amazed they are when they see the animations.

They finally click into how stupid their concepts were and how simple our concepts are. And then they are surprised at how well they work and how quickly they can be implemented….

Last weekend I met a woman who was six feet tall with a long neck, and she had a custom-fitted Kolar over/under shotgun fitted by three “fitters” at Kolar. They all came up with the same dimensions.

Well, long story short, she was left-handed with a custom stock from Kolar with an adjustable comb with one of those rollover cheekpieces. And someone at SFSC had adjusted so that her eye was 3/4” over the top of the rib.

She had struggled with Vicki on her first day, so Vicki asked me to have a look at her. Well, we took the spacers from under the comb and got her flat. I asked her if she had any discomfort during or after shooting. She said her neck began to hurt after four boxes, and when I touched her neck at the base on her left side, she cringed.

Her stock was 1 and 3/4” too short, which was causing her to pull her head back on the stock to keep her nose from being hit with her thumb knuckle when she pulled the trigger!

We put her original stock back on the gun that day at lunch and added two inches to the stock. And it was like it was made for her. I took out enough spacers to come to a final dimension of one-and-a-half inch longer than her “custom stock.” And you guessed it, no pain and she shot lights out.

I’ve been talking with Rich Cole at Cole Gunsmithing in Naples about the way fitters fit stocks to poor shooting form. I have decided to make a series of gun fit videos to once and for all correct shooting form and stop this trend of installing a Jones adjustable pad and a moveable comb to fit poor shooting form. There will be more on this later.

There is someone in Florida that is really screwing women up by installing Jones pads and moveable combs on all women guns and adjusting them to poor shooting form. So watch for the new gun fitting video coming soon.