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Shooting While Being Yourself

Here’s the reason why trying harder doesn’t work: you must build a persona of who you are in competition to have a peak performance.

You can do this for 2.5 hours a week for five to eight years, or you can do it for 10 to 15 hours a week for three to five years. Either way, it must be done.

You will never shoot better than it is “like you” to shoot! However, being “like you” to shoot comes not from telling yourself it is like you to do this, but how many times you have done it!

This is why your attitude in practice is so important in building a game. And that is what you are doing. You are building a game.

The setbacks are determined by your attitude about them, not what they really are.

It is not how well you can shoot, but how many times you have shot while being yourself that really matters.