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Four Days at Kiowa Creek

We’re just getting back from a fantastic four days of teaching in Colorado at Kiowa Creek, just outside of Denver. We had so many students that Brian got to go with us and we took 15 students each day.

You may not know, but we have had a lot of water in Houston in the past two weeks. Our field at American is under four feet of water.

Gil and I went to Florida on Tuesday, May 19 as the water around our house was rising. We were able to get to the airport but were concerned because so many roads were underwater. Eighteen inches of rain in 10 hours is way too much. So we went to teach in Florida for four days.

We got home on Saturday night and left for Colorado on Wednesday, knowing it would be cold for a few days. Well… not only was it freezing each day, but it snowed. And not just flurries – inches of snow.

Brian said he had never seen that much snow, and after teaching in it for four days he was ready to not see it again for a while.

But the good thing was the students all hung in there and it was a great learning experience for all of us. So we went from floods to snow in a week.

I’m thinking that the weather is not liking us too much. But we found out that we could continue to teach and students could learn in less-than-desirable conditions.

One thing that stood out this weekend was the fact that many of our students were looking down the barrel instead of on one side or the other.

Our morning talks were successful with everyone getting on the same page. But you could tell that a few were scared to death that they would not be able to have the target on one side of the barrel or the other.

They understood it intellectually, but they didn’t know if they could do it. It didn’t take too long for that to all come about and then the targets started to break.

The relief in their eyes was joyous and they couldn’t believe it was so easy and they didn’t have to think about the lead. They just had to make sure they were going the same speed as the target for it to break.

Novel approach!