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Success and Competence

Success has everything to do with the frequency and duration of tasking. The quest for competency is really a driving force for why people do a sport. But competence alone is not the driver. There is more and more evidence that shows people have three psychological needs that will influence their motivation to do sport:

  1. Competence
  2. Relatedness, and
  3. Autonomy.

When these needs are met, several things happen, all of which we have witnessed in our clients. Our shooters experience enhanced motivation, enjoyment, effort, persistence, performance, and psychological well-being.

We see that our clients keep coming back to us and keep shooting on their own because they keep getting better. It is almost as if they are getting a buzz from it.

So, we come back to competence: making our shooters feel good about developing their skill level on clays or birds and realizing that when the target is still, competence can be achieved quicker and easier than when the target is moving!