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Exciting Developments with the Kill Shot Reviews

Hi all,

We’ve been gone a lot over the last 40 days, and between traveling and the flood I’ve neglected my blog… but the “Pac is back!”

I have some exciting news to share with all of you. When viewing the Kill Shot Reviews, use your mouse to click the pause button when you think you should take the shot. Then observe the still picture and click “play.” See if it changes when the shot is taken.

Because the ShotKam II records in 1/4 speed, the shot is slightly behind the actual shot, so turn your volume down.

Several things are happening when shooters do this. The first is that they look at the target more intently. They are aware of the red dot but not nearly as much as when they just watch the KSR without interacting.

When viewed this way, shooters are more aware of how the shot comes together and seeing the bird come to the lead. Shooters continue to watch the KSRs and their scores are improving just from watching them and doing the flashlight and three-bullet drill.

Promising Results from Our Skeet Study

We just completed a small skeet study and the shooters who watched the skeet kill shot review and did the three-bullet and flashlight drills reduced their number of missed targets per round by a minimum of 40 percent!

Said another way, if they were averaging 15, they ended the study averaging 19. If beginning the study with 20, they were shooting 22-23 – just by watching the skeet kill shot review and doing the drills before they went to shoot!

We are on to something here!

Several sporting shooters have been doing this already and they are seeing the same results. More on this and future studies soon.

Teaching Coaches in Iowa

We have just returned from Oskaloosa, Iowa where we taught a group of about 40 SCTP coaches and athletes. Brian and I had a great time and they all learned a lot. The coaches (as well as the athletes) were amazed at how hard they were making shooting a shotgun because they were trying to look down the barrel and aim the gun ahead of the bird.

Thanks to Larry Gay for inviting us and to the Iowa SCTP for subsidizing our visit financially. We look forward to doing it again.

Larry has inquired about joining our Game Changers program so we could come back next year and teach all the coaches our methods and so they can use our video animations to help improve their abilities and, in turn, improve the athletes’ abilities.

Brian and I had them all breaking 70 to 80-yard crossing targets in no time. And what a difference it made for them!