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Please Don’t Let the Rain Come Down!

Please don’t let the rain come down!

Well, our field is still underwater at American and we are teaching at Greater Houston and Sealy at Super Dave’s place. Hopefully, the rain will slack off and our field will soon dry out so we can be business as normal.

We are off to Montana and will be coaching for four days there. Then we’re back on Father’s Day and then on to Swansea, South Carolina for a few days. Then back to Houston for a little relaxation.

Check out the new duck shots as well as the new pigeon and dove shots that are being edited as I type. We got some killer pigeon shots on our last trip to see Tomas Frontera at La Zenaida and Montreal for pigeons.

I continue to write about trying too hard and why it does not work. This thesis will be up soon and will be the topic of the next few Coaching Hours. So listen in and see what we are thinking about the evolution of performance.

More later…