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What Shooters Say It Looks Like

There are a lot of different perceptions about what really happens when you shoot at a moving target with a shotgun. And there are even more different approaches to getting the gun in front of the target than you can imagine.

But there is a real difference between the shooters at the top and the rest of the crowd.

To talk about different perceptions, just ask five different people what it really looks like when you successfully hit a moving target with a shotgun. Then shut up and listen – we mean really listen – to what is really said. Not what is meant, but what is said.

Then after they get through telling you what it really looks like, watch them shoot a target and see if the two are anywhere close to each other. You just might be really surprised at the differences between what the shooter thinks they are doing in their mind and the reality of what they are actually doing.

When they miss, listen to what they say:

“I was behind it again!”
“I was over and behind that crosser again!”
“Regardless of how fast I swing, I just can’t stay ahead of that target!”

And the classic, “I know I need more lead, but just can’t make myself put the gun out there!”

Does it sound like they have a clear picture in their minds of what it looks like to break a moving target with a shotgun?

Watch the Kill Shot Reviews and you will be able to better visualize what you are about to do.