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Nuisance Decisions Get in the Way

We’re just getting back from South Carolina and Florida. It struck me how nuisance decisions get in the way of everyone shooting their best.

On the September 2016 Coaching Hour, we discussed how making too many nuisance decisions before a tournament affected your performance. Nuisance decisions are decisions you make that are not life-threatening, like watching for police cars or ambulances, or other drivers on your way to the tournament. Or like making a good gun mount.

If you still have to think about the mount, you are taking away focus that needs to be put on the target. You only have so much focus to give. If you are giving 50 percent on the mount you only have 50 percent to give to the target when we of course would like at least 95-97 percent on the target.

Then you miss a target and think you need to focus harder. How can you when you only have 50 percent to give? You can’t pull more focus out of your pocket.

So the easiest thing to do – and the hardest one for us to get students to do – is gun mount drills like the flashlight drill and three-bullet drill.

If you will do the drills at least once a day for 21 days, you will have that gun mount and you won’t have to be thinking about it, and the more focus you will have to see the target.

It’s a novel approach, so get out there and get your gun mount perfect!