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2017 Safari International Club Conventions

We’re returning from the Safari International Club Convention where we had two great seminars.

We are the only folks that get a two-hour seminar and we always run overtime because there are so many questions to be asked and answered.

Shotgun Mythology Debunked

It is always amazing to see how much mythology there is about how to shoot a shotgun. So many people are looking right down that barrel and can’t figure out why they shoot so poorly.

I had one gentleman tell me he was tired of his dog looking back at him when he didn’t hit the bird. You all know that disgusted look from your dog:

“Yo, I’m doing my job. What’s up with you?”

After the presentation in which we used the Knowledge Vault to bring up a lot of videos, this gentleman was relieved to think he could get better, as it made sense to him.

We find the attendees at our seminars are so anxious to hear that they are not damaged goods. They can get better with drills and watching the kill shot reviews. But you all know that!

The Three-Bullet and Flashlight Drills

The three-bullet drill was so surprising to everyone and so easy to do. Not at first. But when we made them hold the pose for a count to 20, the pictures all made sense. “Across the barrel” was the real revelation because no one thinks of that.

We put a new spin on their thought process of not looking down the gun but looking either to the left or the right of the barrel. What a concept! If the target is behind the barrel, you will always be in front of the target.

The flashlight drill was also a revelation. They learned they could do it at home and how it would get their eyes away from the gun and look at a target. The simplest of things can make the most difference.

We’re home for a few days of lessons before Gil, Brian and I hit the road again. We will be going quail hunting in the next few weeks, so get ready for more quail kill shots.

Have you looked at the pairs kill shot review? Pretty cool…