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“Damn, this works!”

I’m sitting here at South Florida Shooting Club watching it rain on a cold Sunday. We have had a great few days of teaching and even some time to shoot the ShotKam for the website. We had so many students that Brian came with us to teach.

We got here on Wednesday and Brian and I went to another club not far away to shoot some shots at another venue while Gil did a lesson. We had a beautiful day for it and got quite a lot of shots that will be up on the website in the next two weeks.

The next day Gil had to teach, so Brian and I went out to the courses here at South Florida and shot more pairs. We actually got to shoot! It was so much fun to remember why we always played this game.

Friday and Saturday were clinic days. They were full days of helping others become better shooters, learning how the eyes and brain work, and about the anticipation circuit that everyone has and how to use it in shooting.

It was fun watching Brian take over his group and get them to understand how to use the OSP system. He is becoming a little Gil…I know you find that scary, but it’s true.

We had one lady, and she expressed it best when she said, “Damn, this works!”

It is always fun to watch the transformation of our students as they go through the day or days.

People ask us how we can do this day in and day out, and this is why. It is so much fun to see people turn their game around and turn their lives around also. Finally, everything makes sense.

We’re back home tomorrow and back to work.