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Patterning Your Shotgun and Having a Quiet Eye

On our most recent Coaching Hour, we talked about patterning your shotgun first to make sure that the barrels are regulated correctly and then for the point of impact. We also talked about Hurricane Harvey and how we are doing, as well as having a quiet eye when calling for the bird.

We are all high and dry. Hopefully, we can get back to our field on the first of October and begin to shoot at American within a week.

Something that we will continue to talk about is how your vision evolves as you get better and train more. What you perceive when shooting a target will change. The better you get at something, the fewer visual cues you will need to perform at higher and higher levels. And the perception of what you see will evolve.

In fact, in many instances seeing the target better and better involves the brain learning what not to see during the shot. And as the brain learns what is distracting and unnecessary to the success of the shot, it will suspend those things from your consciousness.

In turn, you see past the distractions and are able to focus on the target better.