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Bye-Bye, Harvey – Hello, St. Louis!

Harvey is gone and left the Houston area devastated with homes underwater and lives destroyed. But we will return as a better city.

The one thing that everyone shared with us from all over the country during the past couple of weeks is how Houstonians were helping others in this time of need. We need a lot of that throughout the country instead of the hatred that has been brewing for several years… My two cents.

We left Houston for St. Louis and had a women’s writer day, which consisted of women who were editors of several outdoor magazines on Thursday before the clinic.

We had had a conference call a month ago and told them they needed to do the flashlight drill and the three-bullet drill every day until we saw them. Usually, when we tell people to do that, they do it a few times but don’t realize how important it really is.

To our surprise and excitement, they all did it and the day was a lot easier on them and us since we could expedite their learning curve. They all did great and learned a ton, and they can now spread the word to their readers.

On Friday and Saturday, we did clinics at the newly remodeled St. Louis Skeet and Trap Club.

On the first day, Gil did his opening remarks about how skill is created. When you become skillful at something you don’t have to think as much and you begin to do things from your long-term, instead of your short-term memory.

One of the students raised his hand and said it was so true. He is an ophthalmologist and does a lot of lens transplants.

“When you did your first surgery, how many things did you think about?” Gil asked.

“About 500,” he said. “But now, after doing hundreds, I don’t think of anything.” He even talks to the patient while he is cutting on his eye!

That is skill in the long-term memory part of your brain.

We began talking about the difference between short-term and long-term memory on the Coaching Hour in August 2017. So, get on the Knowledge Vault of our website and listen to it.

Why, it might even help you in your shooting!