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Fun at Nationals

We had a fabulous time at Nationals this year. It was so great to see everyone again. We rented an RV and became trailer-park trash for a week. We had a ball staying on “campus” and not having to fight the traffic.

Over the course of the week, we shot 800 targets. And I have to say, by Thursday morning, I was tired. We don’t shoot that often and are not used to it. But it was so good to shoot and realize why people love this sport.

We met a lot of new friends and enjoyed ourselves, and were lucky to have good weather. And we left on Friday morning just as the cold front and wind were moving in.

On Friday morning we drove to the 74 Ranch to hunt quail for the weekend. The wind was blowing so hard we chose to hold our birds until the next day when the winds were going to be milder.

Several groups went out and said it was quite challenging, as the birds would catch the wind and really fly. It’s always a pleasant trip to the 74 Ranch talking with Milo and eating Tan’s wonderful food. And of course, there are fresh cookies.

On to our next destination Sunday afternoon we drove to the bay house to check on how the pier project was coming along. They were almost through with the pier and then they need to work on the boat stall, which was damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

We brought the boat down and parked it in the front yard until we could get it in the stall. That took a week, but now we are whole again. We just need to get Brian’s boat down there this week and get it in the stall.

We leave on the last trip of the year tomorrow to Georgia to a new club to us: Garland Mountain. When we get home on Sunday, we plan on being pretty useless and spend some time fishing. I will let you know how that works.