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Long-Term Memory

All your skill is stored in your long-term memory and each skill circuit, due to repetition, creates a familiar picture in your brain each time it is fired. This allows your brain to anticipate ahead of what you are doing, allowing you to shoot without thinking.

When deep in your long-term memory due to repetition with a detailed preload, it can actually change or adjust human behavior as it is happening.

In this post, I will try to show you the difference between long and short-term memory. Read this sentence aloud several times and then in my next post (“Welcome to the Zone”) I will have you read another sentence:

“I wish I could be a better shot but don’t know what to do to get better.”

Do you see how this sentence created a thought or a picture in your mind that was stored in your long-term memory?

This made it easier and easier to read because your anticipation circuit could anticipate ahead of the word you were looking at and everything just flowed.

See you in the next post.