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Pointing Your Nose at the Look Point

When I am the first shooter at a station, sometimes I have trouble seeing the target until it gets a way out.

When I am scoring or pulling, I can see the target sooner. Is there any way I can see the target sooner when I am the first shooter?

Richard C


Okay, let’s look at the real problem.

When scoring the targets, you have your head turned toward the trap throwing the first bird. With your nose pointed at the trap, when the target emerges you instantly focus on the target and follow it with your nose.

Pointing your nose at the look point is the only way you can focus on the target! Your eyes can’t focus when you cut them to the left or right. When shooting, my guess is that you are keeping your nose over the gun and cutting your eyes to pick up the target. This delays focus on the target until later in its flight path.

The solution?

Point your nose where you are looking when you call for the target. Get the gun out of your shoulder and mount into the shot, seeing the target behind the barrel. Then adjust the gun speed to the target’s speed and send the shot.

Look at the Sporting Clays Section of the Shot Simulator on the Knowledge Vault and this will become obvious.

We will be discussing deliberate practice as well as your question on Wednesday night on our second Coaching Hour podcast, and you can listen in if you are a member.

Talk to you Wednesday!

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