Regardless of where you are in your shooting game, the Ashes can help you bring it to the next level. Whether you shoot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or hunt birds, the OSP method will show you how!

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Welcome to the Zone!

Now, read this sentence out loud over and over:

“Better get to do to what know don’t but shot better a be could I wish I.”

You got through the first four words fine because they began to make a thought. But on the fifth word, you began to have to look at each word to interpret what it was, because it did not create a thought or picture.

You switched on the fifth word from the anticipation circuit in your long-term memory to your short-term memory, having to look at each word to determine what it was. Because in their sequence, they did not create a thought or picture in your mind that is stored in your long-term memory.

The words were the exact same words, just backward.

Practice is about breaking the targets the same way over and over with a detailed preload. So in your preload, before you close the gun the brain can upload what you are about to do and actually anticipate ahead of what you are doing. This allows you to not think when shooting.

Welcome to the zone!

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