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Make Your Plan and Shoot Your Plan!

Last weekend in Hurricane, Utah was great and we found out why it’s called “Hurricane”: on Saturday the wind came up and blew 40-50 mph. It was hard to even stay on your feet, especially when a gust came up.

They had a registered shoot in the morning. Everyone left soon after shooting and I wondered why. Well, at 1:30 when we went out to the course that’s when the wind started. And oh my, did it start. The day before someone told us to wait until the wind blows! Funny guy!

Each clinic is unique, but there are a few things that are the same. For example, why does everyone want to look at the barrel in the setup? You know where it is, so why keep looking at it before you call “pull?”

A question: When was the barrel not there when you looked at it? Never!

So instead of training your brain to look at the gun, just close the gun and put your eyes where you are going to see the target and call “pull.” The more you look at the gun in the setup, the more you will look at it in the shot. That’s not good when 95-98 percent of your focus should be on the target. You only have 100 percent of focus, so don’t spend part of it on the barrel.

Being decisive with the plan was also a revelation to some. When I ask if they have a plan everyone always stops and starts thinking. “I try to,” they’ll say.

That’s not good enough if you want to be consistent and score better. You must have a plan and a vivid movie of what the shot should look like, and then you can be decisive and not have that little green man on your shoulder – the conscious mind – telling you the wrong things.

Make your plan and shoot your plan!