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Advance School Week One: Lots of “A-has” and “Wows!”

We had a great first week of Advance School. There were lots of “a-has” and we gave everyone some things to work on to improve their shooting.

We had several “move, mount, shoot” people for the first time who were amazed at how much easier the OSP system was to make the movie happen over and over again. It was different, so we had to make it a habit and they now need to go and practice it to continue to make it a habit.

Our focus for the week was for each student to commit to the shot they were about to make. This means that they had to tell the brain exactly what they wanted it to see and then be stubborn with the sight picture of either across the barrel or on the side of the barrel. They had to make sure that the target was always behind the barrel and that they were going at the same speed at the end of the shot.

Most of the students are in the Knowledge Vault and are amazed at how watching the Kill Shot Reviews has helped their scores. They are more decisive about what they have to see to kill the target as they have run the movie over and over again.

It’s either behind the barrel or across the barrel, and they are very clear to the brain what that picture should be and how their scores have really increased because of the repetition of watching it over and over again.

We also talked about how your thinking can affect your score and your physiology. It is a fact that it is three times easier to go negative when things aren’t going like you want them to than it is to stay positive. You need to be aware of that to get back on track.

Lots of “wows” to be had!