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Clear Mental Representation

Shooters who don’t have a clear Mental Representation (MR) of the shot at hand could flinch, slash the muzzle, stop the swing and lose focus for any number of other reasons!

A football game is just a confusing jumble of people running in rambling directions if you don’t understand the game. But when you understand the strategy of the game, what happens on the field makes sense.

The better and clearer the MR before each shot is, the better the performance will be. When facing a separator target, expert shooters will have a very detailed MR, and less proficient shooters will have a much less detailed MR.

The relationship between the MR and your skill is a virtual circle: the better the MR the better the skill. The better the skill, the better the MR, and so on!

The better your skill, the better you can practice your MR, and the better your MRs, the better you can practice your skill.