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Coaching Hour – Hot Topics!

We have been at the bay house for a week now and fishing
hasn’t been great but the crab traps have been busy. In 3 days we got 28 crabs and had a big crab
boil with our neighbors and ate them all.
Traps back in the water but not as many crabs are coming to the
party. We did miss all the chaos of
weather that went on in Houston and flooded a lot of streets and cancelled the
big Freedom Fest along Buffalo Bayou with flooding waters.

A lot of our students are “Playing the Game” for their
practice which we talked about in detail on the June Coaching Hour and they are
having phenomenal success in their practice and tournament scores. This is a great way to do your deliberate
practice that works. Check out the June
Coaching Hour and listen to Playing the Game.

We did the July Coaching Hour Thursday July 5 and talked
about how winning is about running stations so be sure and log into the
Knowledge Vault and listen. The title is
Running stations…stop trying. We had a
nice discussion from many students on how they practiced to run stations. CHECK IT OUT!

Going to Oregon on Tuesday to kid sit with granddaughter
Avery so will have stories to tell about what she had us scheduled to do. It will be non-stop for sure.

Have a great week!