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Phoenix is HOT in September!

Brian and I got away from the rain in Houston and into the heat in Phoenix… and I mean the heat. It was 110 degrees at least each day, and we got through it.

Wow, it was so hot! But it was a dry heat…

The takeaway from this weekend is don’t go to Phoenix in September. But we will be going in February 2019. Check our schedule and come see us.

The biggest a-ha was that you don’t look down the barrel, but to the left or right of the barrel for the target, and to be stubborn with that picture and not take the shot if you don’t know exactly on which side of the barrel the target should be when you take the shot.

Be very clear to the brain what you want it to produce in the shot.

Another takeaway is that you must have a plan for each shot and if it works, keep doing it. Put your eyes in the same spot and break the target in the same spot if it worked. But if you are not specific with where to pick the target up and what the picture is, it is hard to replicate the shot.

Everyone wants to be consistent, but they don’t know how or won’t take the time to make a plan for the shot. Students make the plan for the first one or two pairs then they don’t continue it on the next pairs. What’s up with that? If it works on two pairs it will work on three or five pairs, but it must be specific for the focal point and breakpoint.

We also spent a lot of time working on shooting five in a row. Everyone would get to the third one and drop it then have to start all over again.

This is a game of pairs and we worked a lot on taking targets earlier in the target’s flight path to give more time to take the second target. You need to be able to shoot the first target in a place to make the second target easy.

Thanks, Ben Avery, for taking such good care of us. We’ll see you in February.