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Preparing For A Hunt

We have been busy teaching a lot of folks who are going on some kind of hunt, some for the first time. I have had several lessons with folks going to Argentina for the first time and tried to emphasize that they needed to practice with their gun even if they weren’t taking it to use their left arm a lot, since that gets the most wear.

I remember the first time we went. In the morning I shot 14 boxes and 14 more in the afternoon. Afterward, I couldn’t move my left arm.

So now before we go, about three weeks out I raise my left hand up and down 100 times, three times a day. You may only shoot seven boxes, but you will mount the gun three times for every shot you take.

So, practice before you go so that you don’t have a bad gun mount that will ruin your trip.

We have had several folks going on corporate hunts who are not comfortable with their gun, or they don’t have one and will use a camp gun. Our job is to make them safe and understand what the hunts are like.