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Novice Clinics at the OSP Field in Houston, Texas

I teach novice clinics once a month, usually the second weekend, at our home field in Houston, Texas. Boy, have they taken off!

It’s a great way to get started shooting a shotgun the correct way by building good habits rather than having to relearn them later.

Students are so happy when they leave! They are comfortable with the gun and have specific practice drills to work on to improve their shooting. Most shooters don’t come out to practice, because they don’t know what to practice, or what the picture is supposed to look like.

After a day or two, students know what picture they need to have to kill the target, and how to achieve it. There are no more mysteries to shooting a shotgun, and the targets appear to go slower. Wouldn’t that be great if all targets were going in slow motion?

These clinics are really catching on and fill quickly, so get on board and come make shooting FUN.

I also teach clinics for experienced and intermediate shooters once a month, usually the fourth weekend. They are just as popular!

Don’t forget the best part of the deal: when you attend a clinic at our home field in Houston, OSP pays for ammunition, target fees, and lunch! You can’t get a better deal than that and you will learn so much!

Call Becky at (281) 346-0888 and make your reservation today!

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