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The Myths of Skill

In his book Peak, Anders Ericsson mentions that there are three myths associated with skill and improving skill. We think it’s important to talk about them. That way, you can be aware of them and not fall prey to them, because they will kill the learning process in your game.

The myths are:

1. Our abilities are limited by genetics or surroundings.
2. If you do something long enough you will get better.
3. All it takes to improve is to try harder.

In our experience as professional coaches, we could not agree more.

If your parents own a gun club or are associated with one, does that automatically create a disposition to become an incredible shot without countless hours of deliberate practice?


“Skill is built through repetition, failure, feedback and countless hours on the range alone training your move and mount, and the willingness to fail, in relentless pursuit of always being defined by your next shot, not your last!”
– Vicki Ash