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A Flexible vs. Fixed Mindset

Our research shows that a person’s mindset is the greatest single determining factor that opens the door to higher and higher levels of performance because it must be learned.

The majority of shooters have what is called a “fixed mindset,” where their main goal is to look good. When offered either a hard course that pushes them out of their comfort zone or an easy corporate course where the targets are easier, they choose easier every time. They all want to get better. But the thing they are most afraid of always keeps them from taking the chance that allows for improvement.

Shooters with a fixed mindset are trying to get better without missing. When you study skill-building, you find it begins with failure. Failing is where learning begins!

Shooters with a flexible mindset have one thing on their mind: learn, learn, learn. At all cost, LEARN.

A.L.B.S: Always Be Learning Something!