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The Move and Mount is Crucial

Here’s a little-known fact: shooters who can move and mount the gun learn as much as three times faster than those who don’t! Said another way, people who refuse to learn to move and mount the gun learn as much as three times slower.

The choice is yours. Some might think that just doing something more would set the stage for getting better. But the inevitable plateaus will eventually set in and not only will you not get any better, but you will begin to get worse and look for easier targets and happier times.

You can put off learning to move and mount the gun, but you will never achieve much consistent success without it. In the end, you must know where the gun is pointed without looking at it! So, why not go ahead and learn the most basic fundamental in clay shooting?

Learning to move and mount the gun is as basic a fundamental as a hockey player learning to skate, a basketball player learning to dribble, or a baseball player learning to catch, throw and hit. But we see shooters who think they can get away with not taking the time to learn the most basic fundamental in shooting a shotgun.

We must admit that doing something more will lead to some improvement. But all great shots and experienced coaches agree; without sound fundamentals, you can shoot as much as you want but not ever really push your potential. You can continue to pre-mount the gun and check the beads and then look back and call for the target. But the gun will keep getting in the way on the third pair. You will never get past that problem.

The amount of muzzle awareness in the shot will always be greater than or equal to the amount of muzzle awareness in the setup!

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