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“What Are You Going to Give Up?”

Some think if they would just try harder, they will improve and eventually find the “holy grail” of consistency. But try as they may, that holy grail turns into a nosegay of excuses that simply masks their lack of commitment to ask for help or their fear of what others might think or say about them and their scores.

A great shooter that spent some time with us named Dean Olsen said, “Not only should you not judge yourself by your score, but others should also not judge you by your score!” Another shooter, Craig Hill, said, “You get out of it what you put into it.”

Both of these shooters, and many others, have come through the OSP harbor to be the best they could be. The first thing we asked them was, “What are you going to give up?”  They ask with amazement, “Why?” And we tell them that no one who can afford this game takes it up with an empty dance card.

Doing this game at the higher levels is a negative cash flow proposition. It is not the money commitment as much as it is the time commitment, because you can’t get more time. There are only so many hours in a day.