Regardless of where you are in your shooting game, the Ashes can help you bring it to the next level. Whether you shoot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or hunt birds, the OSP method will show you how!

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The True Commitment Required for Greatness

Great performers are not born with some innate ability that predisposes them to be able to be great at anything. They all have spent thousands of hours doing what it is that they do. But each person became great by the commitment in time, money, and effort to practice deliberately; to deliberately improve to world-class levels.

To become great at any one thing is a lonely road with bumps and holes thrown in your pathway.

It takes hours and hours of repetition and dedicated practice every day that you wake up. Unless you are driven and have the time, money, and effort to dedicate to becoming the best you can be at anything, be careful what you wish for.

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